16″ Microfiber Dairy Towels BOGO FREE! $2.50

16″ Microfiber Dairy Towels BOGO FREE!

The highest quality Dairy Towel on the market. A more durable, lint-free upgrade from cotton.

For every 1 of these towels you purchase we will send another to you ABSOLUTELY FREE.

BetterMilk microfiber dairy towels are superior to cotton towels for the following reasons:

1. 4 times more absorbent than cotton towels.
2. More durable and will remain softer than a cotton towel.
3. Produce no lint in the drier.
4. Fibers provide an ideal cleaning surface for teats.
5. Requires less energy to dry than a cotton towel.
6. Effective wet or dry.

Pricing is per towel(buy one get one free) and varies based on quantity:

1-49 is 2.50
50-99 is 2.20
100-249 is 2.00
250-499 is 1.90
500-999 is 1.80
over 1000 is 1.60


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