We love the BetterMilk towels! Here in UK, these towels are of a better quality than we can find here, and they are more reasonably priced. You should advertise more places. We wash them twice a day and they are holding up very well. The other towels we have tried have not lasted five minutes in our parlor. We have been telling our dairy producing friends about them.
We used to use cotton dairy towels. We were always fighting  with lint clogging up our drier, vents, air compressors and vacuum pumps. We were replacing towels constantly. They would not hold up to the washing, drying and chemicals. We switched to BetterMilk microfiber towels. We no longer have lint problems. These towels are soft, do a good job of cleaning and stay together. We will definitely be buying microfiber towels from BetterMilk in the future.
I was using cotton dairy towels prior to switching to BetterMilk’s microfiber dairy towels. The cotton towels  were always filling the drier with lint. The edges of the wash rags would fray, getting tangled and making it difficult to pull them apart. I paid a little more for the  microfiber towels, but they last a lot longer. I no longer  worry about lint, so I feel the investment was worth it.  They work every bit as good as cotton.
We started using BetterMilk microfiber towels over 6 months ago. We have used other microfiber towels from other suppliers, but we feel BetterMilk’s microfiber towels are the best quality towels we have used. They stay soft and full with repeated washing and drying; the edges don't fray. Cleaning and drying teats with these towels is easy and effective.
We have used cotton towels in the past and there is no comparison to the microfiber towels. We will never  go back to cotton. Microfiber cleans the cows well and they wash up very easily in warm water. No lint and no bleach since the microfiber releases dirt and germs so well in the wash. This saves hot water and detergent costs. They dry quickly and last for years. Bettermilk has the best price and a quality towel.
"We feel BetterMilk’s microfiber towels are the best quality towels we have used. They were very soft when we first recieved them and they have remained soft. On some towels the edges fray and the towels break down shortly after. We have not seen this on the BetterMilk towel."
"BetterMilk's microfiber towels are the highest quality towels we have found for the price. We have purchased towels from BetterMilk many times and that is the best endorsement I can give."